Wednesday, December 7, 2016


every doorway,
every intersection
has a story.
-katherine dunn

i've been thinking lately about the story of my cloth work. not so much of the story of how i came to do it, but rather the why of the art itself. whether the "art" in question is cloth, paint, music...or even the way i arrange my personal all boils down to my desire to reunite and record fragments of thought, feeling, and memory in such a way as to convey these fragments to others. to allow them a glimpse into my joy. my sorrow. my...whatever...and by doing this, i continue to discover new things about i relate to the world...through the process of quieting my mind and working with my hands and the interplay of them and the materials i am working with. this opens a doorway into the inner workings of how we each look at the world in which we live. provides an avenue for sharing...



  1. Chaque porte est le début d'une chose et la fin d'une chaque sens nous permet de ressentir.

  2. Your embroidered piece pictured on this post is so reminiscent of vintage crazy quilting. We don't see this as much anymore. Beautiful work and beautiful reflection.

  3. The expression of your art as you have come to understand it, in everything you create, is most beautifully articulated. As I read your words I feel the very presence of your spirit. Thank you for this beautiful piece of writing.