Sunday, May 6, 2018

"writing in a journal reminds
you of your goals and of
your learning in life.
it offers a place where
you can hold a deliberate,
thoughtful conversion
with yourself."
-robin s. sharma

sometimes time slips. unexpectedly. swiftly. disappears from before your eyes. it's almost like taking a wild ride in the tardis with your very own personal doctor who! 

it's been rather like this here on my blog. i got swept away by allure of instant gratification of instagram. don't misunderstand, mind you. i love instagram! but it moves so quickly. makes it difficult to gather ones thoughts. so i find myself drawn back to the wellspring of my blog.

a blog can truly be one's journal. that place where you can explore thoughts. share them. get feedback. wander from room to room in one's imagination.

a place to jot down notes and thoughts to come back to and develop further. 

to collaborate. drink from the wellspring and refresh oneself.

i think i shall be spending more and more time here, once again...



  1. Good to have you back. Love those dolls.

    1. thanks penny! it's good to be back! i've missed the depth of blogging...

  2. You’re a better artist than me. Good to read your blog again. I’ve been loving the dolls, too. All is well.

    1. i don't believe in being a "better artist" than someone. i believe we are all fantastic artists, existing our experiences and truths as they need to be!

  3. I love those dolls also. That hair is a kill! And lots of vibrant color and prints too. Yum.

  4. Hi Joe! Good to see your post. I have been remiss with my blog as well. I think about posting and then, well, you know. Looks like you have been "good" busy. Blessings!

    1. i often wonder what the block is for me. is it a deep seated fear that all i am doing is whispering into the darkness in hopes that someone else is out there, but that it may all simply be empty dark space? that i am alone? would that truly be a terrible thing?