Monday, January 17, 2011


alice came to a fork in the road.
"which road do i take?" she asked.
"where do you want to go?" responded the cheshire cat.
"i don't know," alice answered.
"then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."
      -lewis carroll, alice in wonderland 

of course, piper's response to choices such as these is to simply curl up and go to sleep...which he promptly did.

we've been without a data connection over the past few days or so as at&t is upgrading towers across montana in preparation for taking over alltel's service. not sure how i feel about that yet. not happy about having my current service knocked out. i know that much.  of course, change is painful when we become too attached to the way things are at any given moment...

not having the diversion of the internet, i spent much more time clothmaking between shifts at work.  this infused joy into my moments. joy to juxtapose the overshadowing sense of emptiness that has been lurking in the corners of late.  will have to look at that more closely and let it drift away.

for the moment, i've completed the small winter long cloth, sky flower:

also in progress is the promised tutorial for the couched tree. this ought to be done in the next few days and will post it then.

but right now...that shadow is dark and i need to disconnect. reconnect. find center. release. move forward.

blessings and joy to you all until next time...



  1. I love this tree, can hardly wait for a tutorial. I can totally relate to the internet problems you're having. I use a cell phone for the USB port and . . .if a bird flies by . . I think they're (at&t) working on upgrading ours too as calls keep getting dropped (just like the commercial) but sure beats dial up which is what I had until last winter when they moved the cell tower.Ahhh The trade offs of country living, and I'm only 30 miles from major suburbs of Detroit, but country none the less.

  2. I was wondering where you've been. Of course, I haven't updated my blog lately either... but I was missing some of your daily wisdom. I just love this cloth of yours! I'm anxious for the tutorial also! Have a great evening...

    ;~) Debi

  3. Hi Joe: goood to see/hear you post again - your piece is absolutely wonderful. sorry you are feeling that sense of emptiness lurking, probably has sooo much to do with the end of the holiday season and family, at least that is how I have always felt until this year. happily, I have found a new/old passion and that is stitching quietly on a piece of fabric that just feeels, loooks and smells goood, silly huh ?? but I truly have found a centeredness (is that a word? ha) and reeal peace this year in the simple pleasures of life. my dh and I have simplified our lives soooo much in the past 7 years since we retired and moved here to the mountains of Arizona, can't tell you how much we love, I mean reallly love everyday, no matter what the day brings, we welcome it. never thought I would be writing about such things but here I am pouring my heart out and it truly comes from my heart. hope you find your light and follow it : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  4. Joe, love the tall elegance of your "Sky Flower" tree and the soft textures created through stitch on the snow and sky.

  5. wow, i didn't know you were teaching. that explains a lot.

  6. Lovely tree. And Piper is right, sometimes the best answer is to sleep. You never know what your dreams will reveal. yawn...

  7. thank you, all! it's been a strange couple of days, brought on most likely by a job change and the season.

    ebb and flow. cycles. no surprise here.


    (wondering what is explained by my teaching?)