Monday, April 13, 2015

a hobbit's thought

"there is nothing like looking
if you want to find something."
-j.r.r. tolkien, the hobbit

sometimes i sit and wonder what to do. or not do. or do again. i can make myself crazy doing this doing-ness.  or doing-less, as the case may be. so in order to quell my brain and stop the world from upending itself and folding in, i pulled out my bowl of tiny squares and began stitching. again. tiny stitches. ticking the seconds away. i know one day these tiny squares will become some thing. a larger thing. a warmer thing. but right now they are simply tiny squares. stitched into a somewhat less tiny square. though still not large enough to warm anyone.

and then i noticed a new fray. a small rending at my ankle. a new opportunity to stitch. when i relinquish the tiny squares once again...


Thursday, April 9, 2015

a residue of time

"dark and silent
dreams settle
in the night like
a residue of time"
-d. joseph madl

while contemplating my collection  of burmese marionettes and indonesian wayan goleck (rod puppets), a thought intruded the quiet afternoon. unbidden. an unwelcome guest.  sitting in the corner. watching me squirm in discomfort. 

i have become complacent. 

lazy even.  

dust gathers on my workbench. a surface from whence once poured inspiration. like these puppets without a puppeteer,  i dangle uselessly in my studio. 

some thing 
must be done.