Sunday, May 6, 2018

"writing in a journal reminds
you of your goals and of
your learning in life.
it offers a place where
you can hold a deliberate,
thoughtful conversion
with yourself."
-robin s. sharma

sometimes time slips. unexpectedly. swiftly. disappears from before your eyes. it's almost like taking a wild ride in the tardis with your very own personal doctor who! 

it's been rather like this here on my blog. i got swept away by allure of instant gratification of instagram. don't misunderstand, mind you. i love instagram! but it moves so quickly. makes it difficult to gather ones thoughts. so i find myself drawn back to the wellspring of my blog.

a blog can truly be one's journal. that place where you can explore thoughts. share them. get feedback. wander from room to room in one's imagination.

a place to jot down notes and thoughts to come back to and develop further. 

to collaborate. drink from the wellspring and refresh oneself.

i think i shall be spending more and more time here, once again...