Saturday, February 28, 2015

a little more

"nothing can be done
except little by little"
-charles baudelaire

i'm slowly emerging, not unlike this year's spring. sometimes it seems like there is no time, though there is time enough for a little more. it's been a bit of a struggle...transitioning from a sedentary occupation to a physically demanding one. and at my age, no less!  couple the resulting sheer exhaustion with recurring depression and add into the mix the beginnings of arthritis and sometimes i just don't want to get off the davenport.

but the creative calling is strong. too strong to ignore for long, so this morning found me at the workbench adding cedar shake shingles to the first birdhouse. tiny little things, hand milled from scraps of cedar flooring from the cabin project.  the supply shelves out in the woodshed are filling up with all manner of marvelous bits from this adventure.  blue pine from the ceiling. red cedar from the floors. logs, branches and bits from the various pine trees and juniper bushes we've been harvesting for various projects around the house.  so many visions of new endeavors!  there's a lovely pine log that will become a fairy house...and some gorgeous longer bits of cedar that will make a marvelous box dulcimer with perhaps enough left over to become a scheitholt even!  they will make for pleasant little diversions from stitch and cloth now again.

my hope at this moment is that all of you in the crazy snow belt that has descended upon us are safe and warm and that those elsewhere are also safe and enjoying your days!

meanwhile, i was enchanted by what i found here.