Friday, January 16, 2015

the birds and the bees

"my father told me 
all about the birds and the bees,
 the liar - i went steady
 with a woodpecker
 till I was twenty-one."
-bob hope

the urge for a change of scenery...for the hands as well as the eyes...found me puttering about in the wood shed these past couple evenings. reacquainting myself with the various array of power tools which reside there in.  exploring a back story for a character i've been contemplating. 

from scraps of discarded "waste" this bird house began to arise. it all began when a cast out board "marred" by a gaping knot hole whispered stories of shelter from the fire pile. shifted from there to my truck bed, and then along to my wood shed, it began to whisper in earnest.  buzz. buzz. bang. bang. the foundation of a home arose. blue pine, gifted with the happy happenstance of a large knot hole (the perfect door), needed little coaxing to take form. now to dig into the pile of scrapped cedar cut offs in search of shake shingles to roof this little house ( it's not so little at 23 inches tall). and then....who knows what else will find its way home?

i shall have to begin work on its future inhabitant soon...


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

laying a foundation

it's strange, sometimes, where a tear will appear. center back of the neck. ripping stealthily. sneakily. but the opportunity to play with fragments of cloth and thread will not be missed!  first, a foundation to strengthen. next will be a layer or three of stitch and fragments. perhaps a skull? a crow? whatever, it will be a fun diversion. creating a quiet little secret hidden beneath the hood of my coat. except for when my ears get cold...


Thursday, January 8, 2015

"rabbit underground,
rabbit safe and sound"
-richard adams, watership down

there is a fat little bunny who lives just off the porch in this cozy little nest of dried grasses and snow caps. plump and round and as fluffy as a bunny can be.  he spends most of his days hopping about the yard, eating what grasses and leaves he can find (there is a veritable smorgasbord here). i spend much of my idle time watching him...eyeing me curiously as he munches away. it seems funny that he has the little green gate at his doorway. seemingly blocking any untoward visitors. apparently he does not consider me untoward as he seems genuinely unafraid of my comings and goings.  half-remembered images from some long ago watched monty python film linger in the dark recesses of my memory whenever i approach his doorway.  perhaps i shall simply heed the whispered cinematic advice and "run away"!

meanwhile, a growing of pile of cloth fragments and threads are calling...  i feel some needle chanting is forthcoming. a welcome and long awaited return to creativity.