Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it's time to make some new friends

truly great friends
are hard to find,
difficult to leave,
and impossible
to forget.

lucky for some of us, we can make new friends whenever we need or want them! (smile)  this little guy has been waiting for new friends for some time now and his whispers have grown into a mantra that is never far from my ears. so, i imagine it is time to start on some new friends for him!

i wonder who will manifest?


Friday, August 26, 2011

finding equanimity

"there is no noise in the world.
there is no peace in the himalayas.
both are within you.”
- swami satyananda

there are moments, amidst the chaos, that seem as if i have found equanimity. moments only. but in these moments there is such a stillness. an awareness of what this very moment...without grasping at what was or what will be. these are great treasures!

work still pulls me in a thousand directions. this cannot keep going or i will begin to come apart at the seams. already i frequently look like the ragged edges of many of my fragments of cloth.

tonight, i am claiming a few moments to sit. to meditate. find a moment of equanimity. and, perhaps, to needle chant a while and then to dream.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

the magic feather project and personal symbols

jude hill is hosting a wonderful charity event call the magic feather project. in her words, "the magic feather project is a collective stitching project focused on creative sharing and giving." it is an exciting adventure and has really rekindled a lot of sentiments in my own work as well as in others'! 

these two feathers pictured above are my first two for the project. the feather on the left is stitched on a 5" square of vintage silk slub changeable moire drapery from my childhood home (mom gifted me with the drapes for my first apartment...i've used them in various homes and finally retired them to my fabric stash). some feathers have journeyed farther...flown harder...soared higher...than others. though worn and tattered, their beauty still graces those who gaze upon them.  this feather is amongst others in this trait. no stripes for this one...though the line is a bit worn and tattered... it rests in the center where two circles come together (a personal symbol for home and hearth).  the feather on the right is a variation of jude's striped feather...but with polka dots...and rests on a 5" square of silk slub drapery retired from my first art studio.  it is flanked by polka dots and tiny "x's". i know there is personal meaning in them, but their whispers are too soft for me to hear right now...

throughout jude's workshops, she talks about personal symbols...and shows us their magic in her work.  i have always been aware of this concept in jude's work. but, for some reason, through this project, the idea and presence of personal symbols have taken on a new importance for me.  i find myself pondering late into the night on my own personal the double circle in the first feather block above...and asian bats...coins...skulls...ganesh...leaves...twigs...holey stones...and a host of others.  already, ideas are germinating and new direction in my work is forming.  it will be interesting to begin to pay attention to that which was already there...and to watch those newly i move forward and release them in my artwork....

for this, and so much more, i am eternally grateful to jude...


Monday, August 8, 2011

derailed at every step

it's always strange when the tides of life rise up and abruptly sweep aside one's plans and aspirations...

shortly after beginning the remodel on my studio, two co-workers announced their immediate resignations due to school and other forces at work, and so i've been pitching in and working entirely too many hours... which, of course, has all but precluded any work in the studio. not that this has had all negative attributes, however...

i have been pushed into looking more closely at my work and my aspirations thereto.  i have been shown a myriad of internal sabotaging ideas and thoughts.  fears of success...and failure.  unfounded personal views about myself.  my work.  it's crazy how these sorts of negative ideas can seep up into the fabric of your life, often without your even noticing until it is too late and they have woven themselves into everything that you do. so i am working on eradicating, or at least minimizing, these thoughts and ideas... seeking a more balanced view of myself and my work...

i have also discovered...or rather, realized, that i have little focus in my work at the moment. generally, i do not consider this a problem as i enjoy exploring avenues of creativity whenever they present themselves. but i am beginning to feel like i need to find at least one focus i can anchor the rest of my work upon. a theme. an idea. something.... i'm not entirely certain what this will be. i will be exploring some possibilities here in the coming weeks.  meanwhile, i am applying myself to some of my many works in progress and will be seeking guidance from their quiet whispers...

perhaps the quiet hum of daily thread-chanting will whisper some direction? one can only remain open the possibilities...

to this end, i think i shall be listening more and talking less for a while...though i shall be more present here on my blog. more than likely there will be more pictures and less words? only time will tell...