Tuesday, August 6, 2013

they're here!

at long last, the pixies have figured out how to use big cartel and have loaded up the first batch of goodies over in the manhandled threads shop.  you'll find rust-dyed suns of various sizes, small cloths and keeper cloths, and even an antique hand-crank singer sewing machine for sale there!

just click on the link at the top of the right side bar. be sure to click on the categories as there are many more treasures listed than what appears on the front page.

more will be flying in soon, including fragment scrap books and a host of other treasures!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

twang deep...twang darkly

what does a creative mind with a musical bent do with 130 year old coffin-style violin case? re-purpose it into a mountain dulcimer, of course! i have purchased a couple others in the past and turned them into sewing boxes for my slow cloth fragments, but this one had something entirely different in mind... having housed music for so long, this time it wanted to make it's own music!

very little was done to the box itself, aside from removing the side panels on the two curved shoulders at the top to create a surprisingly resonant sound chamber after removing felt linings and dividing walls. add to that a hand-cut, scrolled headed fret board made of oak, stained to compliment, and...twang! instant dulcimer! okay, so maybe it wasn't quite *instant*...but you get the idea. given its dimensions, this unique beauty has a lovely, dark bass timbre. why don't you pour a little of its magic into your ear?


Thursday, August 1, 2013

good stuff is on its way

the studio has been a buzz with activity these past few days. finishing touches put on various projects. cloth coming out of the rust dye bins. threads being wrapped into hanks. scrap books being assembled. be sure to watch for announcements here as items begin to arrive in the manhandled threads shop over the next few days and into the coming couple of weeks. creative chaos has been whirling around like a crazed tornado filling me with excitement!