Friday, February 22, 2013

when revisiting becomes something new

these past couple of weeks have not found my fingers doing much needle chanting, but my imagination has not been as idle as my lazy fingers. today i found myself browsing through old photos from projects years ago and i came across a stash of photos from my old goddess project collection. it was a series of mixed media, fiber based art doll jewelry celebrating the divine feminine that i had created nearly a decade ago after first moving here to montana. these are only a few of the many pieces that comprised that collection, but they got me what iffing again...

what if i were to infuse the figure with my current body of slow cloth work? what sort of characters might emerge? what range of textures and media incorporations might be inspired to translate 3d figures into 2d representations? after three decades of creating 3d cloth figures in the guise of bears, rabbits, dragons, dolls and so forth, what challenges might manifest to go the opposite direction? to render a two dimensional figure that still exudes life and depth and movement?

how do i do this without losing my focus on fragments and story? i have some ideas forming. whispering from  the dark corners of my mind. and my fingers are beginning to itch in anticipation...


Sunday, February 17, 2013

somewhat silent sunday - 02/17/13

i've been very silent this week. i would like to say it is because i have been lost in meditation and reflection. or stitching merily away at some cloth or other. but it would not be true. of course, i would much rather have been thusly engaged than sleeping the days away in an attempt to avoid sore, swollen glands from becoming an all out influenza! sleeping 18 hours a day for the past several days seems to have done the trick. ha!

last night i managed to coax a little spring into last week's snow angel and stitched up an over-dress from a cast-off blouse. she will see more over the next few days, i'm sure...


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

wednesday whimsey

oh dear! so, i have no other reason for posting this but that it made me laugh so hard when i saw it and i still can't stop giggling every time i look at it. ha! i hope it brought a little joy into your life at this moment as it did mine...

it isn't mine and i tried to find out who to credit it to (found it all over tumblr), so if this belongs to you, please let me know so i can properly credit and link it.


Friday, February 1, 2013

night and day

it is so strange to go to bed on a typical 49+ degree night and wake up to the vestiges of a winter storm that ravaged the land while you slept and then snuck away as you woke quietly from dreamimg...

even the county road crew was unprepared for the 6" of white cold snow that was suddenly draped across the countryside! once again, i am thankful for owning a large 4-wheel drive truck as it trudged its way along what i hope was the road into town. if not, then i am thankful that i managed to work my way across a field or two without dropping into any irrigation ditches hidden beneath the snow. ha!