Sunday, October 2, 2011

well-worn steps

between saying
and doing
many a pair of
shoes is worn out. 
~italian proverb

i feel like i've been climbing these steps for too many years. it feels good to be doing something again! i've finally got my feathers for jude's magic feather project packaged and ready to ship tomorrow. i'm down to the last few inches of binding on a quilt that has been languishing for longer than i care to admit (even to myself) so i can get it shipped this week, too. i even managed to make the long-awaited chocolate eclairs for my oldies at work:

...and boy were they ever tasty!! now it's time to begin finishing a few other projects...but first, a good night's sleep! haven't had one of those in too long...



  1. Good to see that you are happy :) The chocolate eclairs look delicious. Looking forward to seeing the quilt you are finishing.

  2. Yum... just finished lunch and one of those would sure hit the spot!
    love the stair photo, could be an ancient temple in India or a NY subway, who knows?

  3. Your eclairs look so delicious! Have a wonderful week, Joe.

  4. thanks so much for the compliments! the eclairs were tasty indeed! perhaps i overdid it by eating three of them?!? ah's not every day you get to pig out on eclairs!