Saturday, June 9, 2012

summer storms

"the best thing one can do
when it is raining
is to let it rain."
-henry wadsworth longfellow

in typical montana summer fashion, the skies have been filled with stormy clouds full of spit and fury one day and dozing like a lazy heat worn cow the next. it wreaks havoc on my psyche when the weather won't settle down. makes me restless. i can't keep a needle in hand or a thread chant in mind with all this unrest. the best i've been able to do this last week is put down a few uncooperative rust bundles which appear to be refusing to rust during this climatic chaos and sort, stack and re-stack unfinished cloths.

of course, piper doesn't seem to be suffering from the same affliction...



  1. We had those storms last week and they were irritating. The absolute best thunderstorms I have ever experienced were in the Grand Canyon on a boat trip and then again, driving to Great Falls. I never knew there could be so much lightening and rain in one spot. Warmer calmer air is on the way!

    1. oh! if you ever wanna see more lightening and rain in one spot than you've ever seen in your live, try visiting pueblo, colorado in august! the thunderstorms and electrical storms bump up against the mountains along the south of pueble and flash and crash and gurgle all day and all night for weeks! you very quickly start watching for the animals to start pairing up! lol

  2. Cats. They have a certain perspective on life that you have to admire!
    XOX Cat

  3. PS Good picture of Piper
    PPS Piper as in Piper-Heidsieck? One of my favorite champagnes!