Sunday, August 26, 2012

silent sunday - 8/26/12

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  1. Joe I am so pleased you enjoyed my post on falconry was indeed a magical day and a real privilege ....most of the birds in the centre are rescues that have been abused and kept in apalling conditions and Keith (who is so passionate about his birds)has re-habilitated them. Mascara had been kept in a dark small shed for 6 years and obviously been hit by her previous owner as she flinches if you bring your hand near her but now she is a happy beautiful bird who flies free every day. Unfortunately in this country it is too easy to buy Owls and Birds of Prey I didn't know but you can buy an Owl like Mascara for the tiny sum of £120 it's horrific so many are bought on a whim and discarded. Keith said he has re-homed 13 Eagle Owls in the last few years.He is a very special man who is so passionate about his birds and traditional falconry. Anyway sorry to leave such a lengthy comment on your 'silent Sunday' !! but so pleased you shrared my magic ...x