Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hellcat has arrived!

i am so stoked! my new tim armstrong hellcat guitar arrived today!  it is a stunning fender guitar based on tim armrstrong's beat-up old sixties acoustic on which he writes all the songs for the legendary punk band, rancid. of course, my baby is gonna rock out some awesome blues and will probably never know what punk sounds like. ha!

tim added some wicked flair and style with pearl hellcat logo inlays on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th frets, along with a couple of cool skulls on the 12th fret. of course, not to be outdone, i found an amazing canadian hand inlay artist, scott swirski, and commissioned him to make a new truss rod cover for my own personal hellcat made of ebony and mother of pearl. he finished it up over the weekend and it will arrive toward the end of next week (i can hardly wait for it to arrive and can only hope turkey day won't slow delivery down too much).  here's the pic he sent me of the finished truss rod cover:

this sweet guitar even has a pre-amp with a built-in tuner so i'll be able to take it to the clubs and not get lost in the din!  it has a rich, balanced tone with a nice bass line and responds well when played soft and easy with a warm, mellow sound, yet rings loud and clear when you dig in hard and get aggressive!

looks like i might have to get the mic out again and do a little recording...



  1. Cool... can't wait for you to post some tunes, once you and the hellcat have grooved a bit!

  2. looking forward to some mellow sounds!

  3. most definitely! her action is different than i am used to...but it won't take long for us to get acquainted!

  4. Do you still have the factory truss rod cover?