Tuesday, August 6, 2013

they're here!

at long last, the pixies have figured out how to use big cartel and have loaded up the first batch of goodies over in the manhandled threads shop.  you'll find rust-dyed suns of various sizes, small cloths and keeper cloths, and even an antique hand-crank singer sewing machine for sale there!

just click on the link at the top of the right side bar. be sure to click on the categories as there are many more treasures listed than what appears on the front page.

more will be flying in soon, including fragment scrap books and a host of other treasures!



  1. Hey Joe, wish you all the best with your shop !!!!

  2. it was well worth waiting for....
    and what a day for me! but more on that later....

    so...Just Keep Going, ok?

  3. i heard about your shop from grace. what a lucky girl she is too! your write up on the little lady was just delightful. i really enjoyed reading it and i am glad you have left it up even though she has been sold. you may remember me from three clay pots... my life went astray and i never got back to blogging or even visiting that much. some years are like that though. hopefully its true about things running in threes because that means i am set up for a great year! i hope you are too and you are doing what you need to do to keep your spirits up... i am learning that skill myself. namaste and i will visit again soon!

    1. nandas!!! of course i remember you! you've been missed! so glad to see you again! i do know what it's like. . .have trouble just going sometimes myself. here's to a great year for you! namaste' to you and looking forward to seeing more of you around.