Monday, August 29, 2016

ephalumps a'stompin' 'round

"i'm truly surprised
that we seem to get by
without polka dotted elephants,
serving us pie!"
-marc johns

this past month has been a struggle at best. between another lay-off, job search, training, bodhi having health issues, piper growing older by the minute, and the ephalump of depression stomping about in my brain, it's no wonder i've managed so little stitching!  today, however, was an ephalump of another color: no, i still haven't managed to find a polka dotted ephalump to serve me pie, but i did manage a little needle chanting beneath a shady tree this afternoon.  a little romp through a cloth fragment stash and a little playing about with sharp objects.  not sure where i'm going with him from this point.  perhaps i'll work him into a little pocket. a zippered vessel for bits and bobs. a keeping pouch.  i recently salvaged some lovely old metal zippers that i should be able to harvest one from. there seems to be a little story there, somewhere. whispering quietly in the background...



  1. Love the elephant ~ your fabric choice looks so right. Hope you manage more time to stitch.

  2. Sounds like you are finding just the right shift to make the most of whatever the Universe sends your way. Love the elephant...fabric choice is very good. Old metal zippers are really sturdy and easy to shorten.

  3. Joe, Thought I would stop by and say hello. This is lovely. I hope your struggles are over by now. I am struggling now and it comforts me to know that this too shall pass :-). xoxo

    1. dear annie! my thoughts and warm wishes are with you! may your struggle be ever so swift, and your wings carry you high on the other side!

  4. P.S. I hope Bodhi is okay and doing well. xo