Sunday, June 24, 2018

darkness intruded

"light thinks it travels faster
than anything 
but it is wrong. 
no matter how fast light travels, 
it finds the darkness has always 
got there first, and is 
waiting for it."
-terry pratchett

no matter how hard i try to hide from the morning sun, it always finds a way to intrude upon my thoughts. waking my day to the reality coursing through the world outside my bedroom window.

yet, daybreak is one of my favorite times of day. teetering between the realms of dream and waking. some of my best ideas are born during this between time.


  1. light and darkness ... inseparable

    (my best ideas come at night, just before I go
    to sleep ... and I'm mad that I don't remember
    them all the next day ...)

    1. mine come in the depths of early morning hours when the rest is the house is still asleep...

  2. Was hearten when I came upon your blog. Courage and good thoughts headed your way. Peace and love.