Tuesday, July 5, 2011

new books to play with

i am always on the lookout for new and old stitch treasuries and this one fits the bill on both accounts.  as it turns out, once it arrived and i began thumbing through it, i began thinking i already had it. low and behold, after a quick dig through my studio library, sure enough, i had the original hardcover edition that came out so many years ago!  fortunately, this one is updated and expanded, so there are new treasures to plumb!

along with enthoven's book came this wonderful little gem! i've played with many of the woven stitches in this one before...but this slim volume has lots of fun things to try for those of you who enjoy texture and depth in your embroidery!  i can hardly wait to start playing with this one as things begin to slow down this summer!

beyond this, i have done little over the past four days but work and relax (read: doing nothing), though my fingers have been itching to get at those cloths that have been whispering oh so incessantly from the studio...



  1. i have that enthoven book from the old days too! it has been a good standby all these years.
    and thanks for visiting! it feels good to be back.

  2. yes, i love my old copy of enthoven's book...and my new copy as well since it has some new things in it! i'm currently wading through my studio library, too...preparing to "clean house" as it were!

    it's good to have you back!!

  3. Pat Trott lives nearby me and I have heard her speak a couple of times- she is so ace! Her heritage is fascinating. Have fun with your stitches x

  4. Hi Joe,
    many thanks for these recommendations, I tracked both down via Amazon, Enthoven's book is an extraordinary cornucopia and the Patt Trott is really clear and easy to follow. Now to find some time - d'you suppose Amazon stock that too?

  5. Enthoven still being a real inspiration with my embroidery course, thank you again Joe, and for the snow post - delicious