Friday, March 29, 2013

a thought in white

as many of us contemplate the nature of white in all its guises along with jude hill in her latest diaries series, what-if diaries, it is amazing to me what a seemingly insignificant thing can spark an entire line of thought that grows wild and free in my mind! while engaged in my own fruitless what-iffing, i had been content to enjoy everyone else's journeys in white until my eyes rested upon an old spool of time-tinted white cotton thread making its nest upon a white fragment of cloth... a panorama of thought and image was born!

now to begin bringing a fragment or two of that new world into form...



  1. "..a panorama of thought and image was born!" I like that line. In fact, something so simple and yet inspiring in this post.... and so I'll take these thoughts into the studio with me soon.

    "now to begin bringing a fragment or two of that new world into form..." - really, just a simple, good place to start today... thanks.

    1. thank you, valerianna! it is lovely to know that something that has given me inspiration has gone on to spark creativity in another as well!

  2. there you are telling yourself that the what-iffing is fruitless, and lo, fruit appears! I look forward to seeing the form of the fragments!

  3. I love the picture. It is a piece of white in its own right.