Friday, June 14, 2013

you can't pick up raindrops

"i always like
walking in the rain,
so no one can
see me crying."
-charlie chaplin

the weather here has been as changeable as my mood. perhaps one is responsible for the other? though i'm not certain at times which is which... each day this week has held beautiful sunshine, turned to looming, expressive storm clouds, turned to downpouring rains.

sometimes, looking up, i feel very small and just want to run and hide somewhere warm and dry!

but then the rain begins to fall, washing away the dust from the neighboring fields and taking the fears along with it.

the first carrots were offered up by the soil this morning, between the raindrops. these i can pick up. and eat.

i've been looking back through my many cloths and have decided to pick up mind flowers once again. it feels good to get in some thread chanting while the rains crash about outside and the fire crackles in the fireplace.

the latest cigar box guitar creation is complete! re-purposed from a vintage kildow's old stock cigar box, butternut neck with 100+ year old barnwood fret board, and three vintage flatware stems re-imagined into string holders strung up with the three lower strings from an old guitar set, this wondrous little gem has a great, booming sound that is perfect for throaty delta rhythms! the perfect counterpoint to the rolling thunder outside these walls...

time for some snuggling with the saint...she's looking somewhat lonely over on the davenport.



  1. I grew up in Seatte. I now live in the desert of Ea. Washington. Yet, I have never seen it rain as hard or seen such impressive thunderstorms as I did in Montana on the road to Ft. Benton. Wishing you well.

    1. true, jeannie, we do indeed get some amazing thunderstorms here! must be a by product of having such enormous skies!

  2. that is one heck of a sky you caught there & love your cigar box guitars they are trés cool !