Tuesday, October 1, 2013

another bite of the elephant

still just looking....and contemplating. i'm finding myself spending time looking at things i haven't looked at in a long time.  time worn books. baskets of aged trim. parcels from india containing vintage sari that i had forgotten i had. bits and bobs from all over that either had intentions at one time or simply whispered of future possibilities. i'm beginning to feel the creative flow trickle around the rocks of grief...and inaction.



  1. Oh! Those books....and imagining parcels of vintage sari...sigh.
    So good that a gentle trickle of creativity is starting to flow.

  2. Very understandable that you aren't feeling very creative ... you are still grieving your animals friends. Crap, an artist has these 'blanks' often enough without emotions weighing heavy like that. Take your time, keep your mind open and creativity will slip back in.

  3. I am so sorry Joe! Haven't keep up over the summer as we put our beloved 15 year old springer down in June and haven't given a crap about much since then. My heart goes out to you...
    Once you are ready and able there will be a wonderful furry friend to help fill the void.

  4. you will come back to it when its right? I am guessing that this has been a period of change. The underground kind. Or maybe hoping that's true for you...