Monday, April 14, 2014

a most amazing thing

this amazing new concept sewing machine created by british designer, sarah dickens, is the most amazing innovation in sewing machines i have yet to see.  if and when the alto hits the market, i will be camped out over night to be the first in line to get mine! (my mom will be rolling her eyes right about now as i have more sewing machines than i currently know what to do with...but this beauty is a piece of art and functional delight)

in an interview, dickens says, "i want to encourage people to have fun recycling and customizing their own clothes, rather than throwing them away."  where do i sign up??  shortlisted for the dyson award in 2012, though i have not been able to find any further info on this marvelous machine, i am hoping against hope that she finds a manufacturer and the machine hits the market soon. i can already see a myriad of applications for fiber artists and quilters alone....not to mention for me! ha!



  1. try here

    It looks like a musical instrument, it's so beautiful!

    1. unfortunately, kat, it still hasn't been fully developed or manufactured. but it is still a lovely dream and i hope it one day becomes available. It is quite beautiful!

    2. you could almost stroke it rather than stitch with it!! Good to see that you've got your mojo back Joe. Spring is awakening things, though I'd guess it's milder in the UK than over there!

  2. what a beautiful object... so sleek and minimalist.