Tuesday, April 8, 2014

visual therapy

sometimes i get stuck. sometimes i get overwhelmed. sometimes i get worn out. out of focus. in times like these, i like to spend some time just soaking up color and texture by getting out my collection of hand dyed and vintage threads. nothing particular in mind except to enjoy the color and delight in the texture. this doesn't need to lead me anywhere creatively. it is more a form of therapy. color therapy. tactile therapy. a moment of sheer visual and textural joy amidst the chaotic cacophony of my life!



  1. WOW !!!! that's soaking up colour indeed !
    What a wonderful stash !!!

    I know that feeling, I do it with my most beautiful bits of
    fabric sometimes. But someone I admire (Mirjam Pet, a
    Dutch quilt artist) once said: USE that "most beautiful" piece
    of fabric, it deserves it and then ... another piece will be your
    most beautiful piece ..... ;-)

    Enjoy it .... and then use it Joe !