Tuesday, December 9, 2014

strange wisdom

"you have to
be blasé about
she said,
you'd die of
over excitement. "
- brian andreas

there must be an overabundance of barely containable excitement bubbling just beneath the fuzzbutt's surface. he seems to have blasé down to a science. perhaps he is just being considerate and sleeping for the both of us... 

meanwhile, the tall skinny tree is up, ensconced in colored lights, and festooned with precious memories. oh, and littered with gifts! for the first year in too many, i am feeling festive as the holidays commence.



  1. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr have lovely christmas days

  2. a very contented looking kitty, but oh what temptation there must be to place a gentle, tickly finger at the centre of that outstretched paw ... just to see if it would curl up :-)

    1. indeed, though that sometimes invites a quick warning sandpapery lick or two, followed by sharp and pointy teeth if you are want to ignore the tongue. lol

    2. I know the feeling, always makes me glad I'm not a mouse!

  3. When Ariel first came to live with us 15 years ago I found this list of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet's attributes related to cats:

    1. refusal to take things overseriously
    2. science of relaxation, never waste energy
    3. accepts the nature of things, superb indifference to opinion,
    4. refusal to be at beck and call
    5. insistence of complete freedom of expression
    6. when a cat curls up with its head touching its tail, it forms a circle,
    symbol of eternity
    7. luxuriating sensuality, grace, coordination of movement"

    1. wondrous traits, one and all. such wisdom to be aspired!