Saturday, September 24, 2016

being open

"we all get so caught up
in the moment
of what we're doing every day,
it's hard to hit that reset button
and get pulled away 
from all that and see
life from a different perspective."
-tony stewart

this year has been a year of thinking. thinking about doing. thinking about what to do. thinking about how to do. what to do it with. not a lot of doing. just a lot of being stuck. being. stuck. you have to hold on to those two words separately. together they are too daunting. too damning. strung together, they accuse. they mock. they label.

being stuck: you are stuck. 

but separate, they hold the key to liberation from that accusation.

being. stuck.  

separate, they allow growth and hope.  being: the state of life and experience. stuck: a lack of movement. dormancy. you don't condemn a seed for not yet blossoming into a glorious plant. you nurture it. encourage it to grow. so why do we disparage ourselves when we become dormant? stuck?

it is time for me to focus on the first word. being.  when we break the statement, being stuck, down this way, we can allow ourselves to grow. there is an open-endedness to being. a promise of something more. something different. now it is being full.

being full.
      of promise.
             of hope.
                  of potential.



  1. Hey, joe....i think being full of Potential is very
    much Something really Good.
    love, grace

  2. yes, grace! it's a great perspective!

  3. i think as little as possible. trying to be in the moment.

    1. it is indeed the goal...though self enjoys tossing about in mind and cluttering up the view of the moment with thoughts! ha!

  4. thank for these beautiful, thoughtful, considerate thoughts. So many delicious words and feelings that have come to me deeply as I read again and again..much appreciation for this post, Joe

  5. You will BE (stiching ? who knows ...)
    Enjoy BEING Joe !

    1. ha! wiser words there never were. blessings!

  6. Stuck means the building of the potential. Its just a wee rest. I went through something like being stuck this summer. I am happy to report, that I did write it down and then was suddenly unstuck. Breathe!

    1. ha! i like that: "stuck means the building of the potential." had not thought of it in that light. thank you!

  7. its kinder to think of that state as dormancy isn't it? it opens the possibility of being

  8. beautiful thought Joe - very liberating

  9. Such good thoughts here! Those times of being stuck in the mud are when you have to get really creative!