Wednesday, April 29, 2020

at home with fragments

“every experience, 
no matter how bad it seems, 
holds within a blessing 
of some kind. 
the goal is to find it.

i got laid off today. the corona virus and the oil price war between russia and saudi arabia have all but shut down the oil industry in the states. of a sudden, i have a lot of time on my hands, so this is happening. a bit of fragment exploration in three dimensions. playing with unusual forms to create old favourites. where will this all lead? i do not know, but it should be fun figuring it out!



  1. a well-proportioned six pack mouse ???
    Happy stitching, Joe

    1. a mattress tufted elephant! lol. i still need to finish assembling him and make him some clothes....

    2. (hmmmm leave him bare-chested ?)

    3. Or a vest, so he can show off his bod?!

  2. I like the buddha quote. My mom used to say, "There never was an ill wind that didn't blow some good." So that's my interpretation. In your case, I see the beginnings of some good things.

  3. So sorry to hear you've been laid off Joe, hard times for those who rely on an income in these already hard times. I hope your government provides adequate support?
    I will be interested to see how your elephant progresses, with great character I am sure. I've never tried any 3d stitching - not unless clothing counts!! :-)