Saturday, October 31, 2020

small journies

my favorite thing to do
is go where i've never been
even if only in my imagination

in this strange new world where travel is nearly impossible, or at best inadvisable, we have to find new ways to explore. for me, it has manifested in a series of diminutive stitcheries. tiny worlds filled with stars and moons and bears and hares and trees. story fragments of cobble cloth.

it's amazing, the places and things i've seen while sitting in my studio with a steaming cup of coffee! i wonder where i'll go next? who i might meet?



  1. these are so simple and so beautiful Joe, what delights you have visited

  2. they are wonderful! It's so fun to let your imagination go where it wants.

  3. Joe I found you my wonderful creative friend

    1. Is it really you?! I’ve missed you so very much!!