Friday, August 26, 2011

finding equanimity

"there is no noise in the world.
there is no peace in the himalayas.
both are within you.”
- swami satyananda

there are moments, amidst the chaos, that seem as if i have found equanimity. moments only. but in these moments there is such a stillness. an awareness of what this very moment...without grasping at what was or what will be. these are great treasures!

work still pulls me in a thousand directions. this cannot keep going or i will begin to come apart at the seams. already i frequently look like the ragged edges of many of my fragments of cloth.

tonight, i am claiming a few moments to sit. to meditate. find a moment of equanimity. and, perhaps, to needle chant a while and then to dream.



  1. If you come apart at the seams, I wonder if you might have the opportunity to re-member yourself. If so, you could always add a
    zipper or two here or there, to make things easier for next time!

    In the meantime, I do hope the few moments you claimed were sweet.

    1. Valerianna, I am spellbound by the playfulness and wonder your response is! Wow. What a welcomed discovery today!

  2. I love the quotation. Hoping you found the peace that was within.

  3. Needle chanting is bound to bring you back together again. But I am sure that Valerianna's comment will bring a smile too.

  4. taking care of yourself is most important. nice to see you here.

  5. i rather like the allusions to me being one of my fragments...frayed and coming apart at the seams...but being drawn back together through needle chanting. and...YES!...a zipper or two would be wonderful fun!! ha ha!


  6. I'm glad you liked the zipper idea, I wondered for a moment, if I'd been a tad too irreverent with my comment to a somewhat serene post!

  7. valerianna,'s all the same! no worries! i loved it!