Thursday, November 17, 2011

a snow lion or two...

tattoo the pristine flesh
what is permanent anyway?
this ink only lasts 'til the grave,
skin and ideas decompose
that which we did compose.
-corri alius

the finished lion...

the lion yet to be completed in blue and green.

i have been working entirely too much once again. but yesterday found me relaxing (ha!) in the tattooist's chair for seven hours while he worked on my new sleeve. it is taking much longer than originally expected. yet another argument against expectations. but the results have so far been entirely pleasing! the first is on the back of my right forearm and the unfinished one is on the front of the same forearm. both bracket the ganesh that is on the inside of my forearm (pictured here). snow lions (also sometimes known as fu lions or fu dogs) symbolize fearlessness, unconditional cheerfulness, east, and the earth element. snow lions are traditionally white with turquoise manes...but these longed for the joy of color and i saw no reason to deprive them!

yes. my body is a temple. and what temple should remain so low and mean as to be void of decoration?

i think i shall begin digging through scraps and see if a snow lion might like to manifest beneath tonight's quiet needle chants...



  1. Joe, your new sleeves are beautiful. I am so amazed at the artistry and detail. Wishing you some quiet time - seriously!!! It snowed here yesterday and I thought of you and beautiful Montana.

  2. Wow, that IS SOME BODY BLING! Amazing. When its all done, I hope you;ll give us the full view. 7 hours in the chair, blimey, that sounds intense, I mean, you could fly to Europe.

  3. thank you, jeannie! it is snowing here now and i'm enjoying some quiet time...and more still to come soon!

  4. ha! valerianna! was a LONG time! my butt was almost as sore as my arm! ha!

  5. splendiferous .... but OW!! Having had one small one done to celebrate the approach of 50, that must have taken some endurance. Beautiful Skin Stitching, Ganesh is now well companioned.

  6. thanks kat! and yes, much pain was involved. toward the last hour i was growing a tad nauseous. but it was well worth it.

  7. The artist did a really good/fabulous job. I have seen some tatoos in public the made me feel sorry for the recipients because they were not so good.
    I like that you have chosen something that is personally meaningful and the meanings are good reminders, right?

    p.s. you are very patient to sit for 7 hours : )