Sunday, November 6, 2011

first snow

we finally received our first snow of the season, here in billings. it's rather late, like many things this year. including many of my own projects and aspirations. perhaps i will catch up with the weather soon...

sometimes snow can do a wonderful impersonation of draped cloth.

or even like a manipulated cloth quilt (found on scouttyboy's photostream)

or even like one of jude's woven strip boro cloths (found on ojos_azules's photostream)

or this bit of quilted snow (found on daddynewt's photostream)

so, even though i have had little time to stitch these past few days, i have found many sources for inspiration!

tonight, i think, i may find some much needed needle chanting a nice crackling fire!



  1. love the snow images. we don't see much snow here in Austin, TX, but the way the weather has been changing one never knows...

  2. Beautiful images, I will look at the snow in a different way, if and when it comes...

  3. oh deanna! i don't know what i'd do without the snow! i love the snow!

  4. it's amazing, isn't it, tallulah? it takes a certain type of snow for it to create the "folded fabric" has to be wet, soft and lightweight...and then it has to start warming up so the snow begins to slide gently down slanted surfaces like car/truck windows!

    the other snow quilt pictures were a happy accidental find! it's amazing what you can find when googling random word couplings! ha!

  5. I'm reading your post to a nice, crackling fire... dinner roasting. We are at last melted - mostly - from our 2ft October snow! Quite enchanting snow-cloths you've got there!

  6. What a splendid post this is!!! Love the quilted snow!

  7. thanks, nancy! so glad to have been found by you. was just dancing around in your blog before heading to bed tonight and am eagerly looking forward to spending more time there!

  8. oh, valerianna! your "melt" makes our little 3 inches seem of little import... hoping we don't have 2 foot snows again ourselves this year! ha!