Thursday, November 3, 2011

body bling concept sketches

since i've been asked both in comments and via email (thanks to valerianna for the idea for the term, body bling!), here are the initial snow lion concept sketches for the next phase of my sleeve (you can click on them for larger images). they'll be changing a bit as the male is being redrawn to be moving up toward the female and then i'm having the space around them filled with chrysanthemum blossoms.

i'm still toying with colors...i'm thinking of having the male (2nd pic) done in red with yellow accents and the female (1st pic) in blue with green accents. of course, knowing chris (my amazing tattoo artist), there will be a full pallet (the tibetan skull has 16 colors in it)!

onces these beauties are completed, i'll have to have him go back in and fill some of the blank space around the ceremonial skull with something to close the space up a bit... i'm thinking cherry blossoms. or bamboo. i'm not sure. it's still open for suggestion.

it would seem that i am taking my storytelling into new realms... there is definitely a story being whispered by my body ink. perhaps it will want to be told in cloth as well at some point....



  1. Beautiful images, can't wait to see them on your arm in all their colourful glory.

  2. I DID recognize that term when I saw the title of your post... glad you liked it! the lions are cool... I vote for cherry blossoms to fill space - or, then again, maybe the bamboo because everything is very rounded and maybe the straightness of the bamboo would be good contrast, help the roundedness to be more so, or something. Well, who knows, I'm sure they would both work in different ways. Tattoos seem forgiving in that way as they are suppose to be complex and decorative - BODY BLING! Good luck.

  3. i can hardly wait myself, tallulah!

  4. i was leaning more towards the cherry blossoms, too, valerianna! who knows, though. i'll have to google asian and tibetan art and see what other options are out there... maybe i'll have to think of something completely out there? perhaps some tiny little paisleys floating about? ha!

  5. do you mind if i use that art for ma tattoo?

  6. Joe,

    Love the lions you drew, did you get them inked? Love to see a picture. Really want to do a lion, you did a great job.


    1. Yeah, Jay. I did get them done as part of a sleeve. You can see pics further down my blog or you can click on my Flickr link in the column to the right and find them there as well.