Wednesday, January 4, 2012

texture play

been taking a break from specific "projects" and just playing around with fabric. i used to teach a class in textile textures and manipulations and sometimes, it would seem, we forget what we already know and have to re-explore the paths we once tread upon so frequently and with such apparent ease. i do not know what i'm going to use any of these experiments more. if anything more than an exercise in remembering how to play with no particular result in mind. all too often, i find myself caught up in what i must create, rather than taking joy in the simple act of creating...

i got lost, at times, in the hustle of day to day life. working too many hours. but i must not lose touch with my creative aspect. it is only when that connection is broken that life seems empty and without purpose. this is a seed that i must water and nurture...



  1. i like how this texture looks woven

  2. yes, the lattice pleat is one of my favorites for that very reason!

  3. So true--all of it. It would be a good exercise to try to "re-explore the paths we once tread upon so frequently." How many we have lost along the way. Nice blog!

    1. is yours...i've been having fun poking around in them!

      i shudder to think how long i'd be at the wheel if i ever tried to re-explore all of them...but it's been terrific fun playing at them again. finding ways to blend them. see what manifests from the strange bedfellows that many of them are...