Monday, March 26, 2012

bundle of joy in the mail

i was the lucky winner of an amazing little bundle of joy from deb over at more whiffs, glimmers & left oeuvres this month. . .and the reality of this joyous bundle far exceeded any expectations garnered from the pics on her site! granted, i was already familiar with her amazing dyeing techniques as she had sent me one of her wondrous burritos a few months ago simply because i asked her what they were before i had ever seen one (such a lovely, and generous lady!).  i was flabbergasted by the sheer volume of marvels that she had managed to stuff into one of her little cuss pots...and with the beauty of the spring-filled damask napkin...and continued to be amazed as i dug deeper into the parcel to find a mountain of colored floss!  i'm already playing with ideas as i listen to these treasures whisper quietly in my ears...

thank you so much, deb!!

and now, i'm off to my studio to get some much needed selection time for a long-overdue australian package and a trip to town to find a post office!



  1. you so very welcome. I like to think about how my fabric lifts the spirits of the people that encounter it. Since Sweetie picked you as the winner you might enjoy this...she helped pack a cusspot once:

    1. too funny! i can hardly wait for those new, "dipped" cuss pots to be ready! i know i'm just gonna have to buy one, if they don't get snapped up before i get a chance to see them!