Friday, April 6, 2012

persevering gently...

"go on working
freely and furiously
and you will
make progress."
-paul gauguin

last week i slashed three of my finger tips with a sharp knife at work. it is amazing how many nerve endings reside in such small spaces! it also boggles the mind how much we use these small spaces in nearly everything we do...

i'm only just today getting back to thread chanting and cloth making. the first to make her whispers heard was this odd little plumed owl-creature, llorona. a secret keeper. like some, my secrets haunt me. so i whisper them to llorona to ease my burden. many whisper their secrets upon the winds for llorona to hear. to keep. her wings are burdened with so many secrets. so many sorrows. she can no longer fly from the weight of them. but she continues to listen. to keep. to dream...

there is still much work to be done on llorona, but she wanted to put in an appearance to help me not think about the snow that is falling outside...



  1. so sorry to hear about your finger tips. and yes...we don't realize how all of our parts are so necessary for our everyday doings. hope your back to normal soon.

    1. pitfalls of the trade sometimes... thanks, hon!

  2. Ouch! Hope fingers wil be better soon. Ilorona looks determined...

    1. hadn't thought of it, but, yes, she does look rather determined!!

  3. Healing thoughts sent your way...

    We all need a secret keeper to whisper those parts of us that need to be shared and healed.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.