Monday, May 21, 2012

a stone's throw

"love does not just sit there,
like a stone;
it had to be made,
like bread,
remade all the time,
made new."
- ursula k. le guin

i spent a part of tonight stitching together five stones for jude hill's magic feather project where she is now gathering stones "to balance the lightness of sky and feather." since montana is an agricultural state, some of my stones are sharp and what some might label "unnaturally shaped." i chose to add this aspect to a couple of my stones since the plow often breaks stones, giving them less smooth shapes. they are stitched from natural fibers (cottons, linens and rayon). the second stone from the left is made from a scrap of my rusted fabric. the others are comprised of hand dyed scraps or bits salvaged from old clothing.

it was a pleasant break to create these little stones for jude's project... it is always a pleasant diversion to work on something different. but, now i think i shall go back to working on my human furoshiki while i await the morning's return of the sun.



  1. Wonderful stones! I have to get busy too!
    : )

  2. i've just gotten mine ready to put in the mail today. such fun to be a part of this project in some small way.

    i've enjoyed seeing your unique contributions.