Tuesday, May 29, 2012

spring interlude

"in the spring,
at the end of the day,
you should smell like dirt."
-margaret atwood

my baby grass is finally beginning to look like toddlers. soon, they will be teenagers and ready for their first haircut. looks like i ought to have put down more seed, though. will probably have to plant more soon...

there's been a lot of rain lately. in the fields behind my house, the grasses and plants are practically growing into the animals' mouths!

it's been a good week for planting shrubs and trees and trying to make my yard seem a little less barren. less rectangular. less void of personality...

i love the smell of fresh dirt. but i am beginning to miss the touch of cloth and thread...



  1. i finally started up gardening again this spring. don't spend too much time out there because of allergies but it does feel good to play in the dirt and watch all the seeds sprout.

    1. yes! i always enjoying watching things grow. even more fun when you get to eat them, too! well, so long as they are veggies and not flowers. ha!

  2. Mmmmm .... to me, May is always green !

    1. yes, though here in montana, it can sometimes be white, too. ha!