Monday, September 24, 2012

stitching myself into a new perspective

i don't know that i can explain why i haven't been able to stitch lately, but it feels amazing to be needle chanting once again!  the background seemed to come together effortlessly. the salvaged linen moon (from an old resort shirt found hiding in the back recesses of my closet...unworn for many years) laid down as though it was meant to be there. usually there is a struggle, punctuated with sailor-speak, to get linen to lay down without endless distortions.

wanting a clean slate upon which to work the rabbit dancer, i decided to redraft her onto some plain white cotton. she is temporarily tacked down, ready to be needle-turned and then built upon with scrap and stitch. there is such energy in this cloth that i am feeling quite invigorated by it! but what is so different now?

it could be that i am reconnecting with a theme that always seems to predominate in my art. form. the body. and its endless variations. in this case, an anthropomorphic dancer. as i look back at the various bodies of my work, i am confronted time and again with this filter. i see it in my sculpture. find it repeatedly in my batik experiments. it appears throughout my sketch books. even in cloth, the human form is found again and again in various guises. i think i shall have to contemplate this... watch where it goes. how it continues to manifest. perhaps this is my filter. the bones upon which hang the flesh of my creativity...

meanwhile, i am delighting in putting needle to cloth once again!



  1. This is going to be amazing. I always admire the way you use appliqué over patchwork. Looking forward to watching her develop.

  2. Can't wait to see her come alive! So much energy and joy in this.

  3. WOW, that is really beautiful Joe. Btw, I realise I am a bit nosey, but I would LOVE to see your sketchbooks!

    1. i'll have to see what i can do about photographing some of them...

  4. what a glorious creature - so full of life and joy - wonderful :). Oh and me too - would love to see your sketchbooks. Inspiration work indeed!

  5. apologies if this appears twice but the blogosphere appeared to eat the first posting.

    Such a glorious creature, so full of the joy of life - just wonderful! Oh and a peek inside your sketchbooks would be fab :) - inspiring stuff indeed.

  6. There is something about being able to sit and quietly stitch....peace :)
    This is a such an energetic piece...happy stitching!

  7. Lovely background for this dancing figure that expresses such energy and life. I also would vote for seeing a glimpse of your sketchbooks.
    best, nadia