Wednesday, October 3, 2012

deeper roots

"storms make trees
take deeper roots."
-dolly parton

it is difficult to fathom this early morning tantrum in the sky as yesterday it was warm and toasty in the 80's. now it is a chilling 32 degrees and the big sky above has filled with ominous clouds and tempestuous winds. some are saying we may even get a couple inches of snow by nightfall...

for myself, i am going to climb into my warm and inviting bed. curl up with the saint and snuggle into the side of the cat and court a dream or two. who knows what i will awaken to? it won't really matter. i will have taken deeper roots of my own in sleep and rise well-rested and ready to listen to whatever whispers there may be in the dark.

good night...



  1. Yikes, that is a pretty big contrast. Hope your dreams are magical.