Friday, October 12, 2012

"sometimes, when i first wake up,
i feel like i'm walking around in a fog.
that's when i usually go and
unplug the fog machine.
geez, who turned that thing on?"
-jarod kintz

it seems like that fog machine has been on all week. obscuring my days. hazing my thoughts. slowing my creativity. this morning was the only one that actually found the countryside blanketed by fog. the rest of the fog twisted and hovered in my brain. so i have slept. a lot.

between sleeping moments, i would rummage about through my stash. and my wardrobe. looking for dark cloth to salvage for box of darkness. i was surprised to find how lacking my stash of blacks is. i may have to scavenge through other people's wardrobes and duck into a thrift shop or two to round out my palette. perhaps broaden my scope of cloth acceptability to include deep hunter greens, heavy burgundies, rich midnight blues, and dark coffee browns.

meanwhile, i've tossed some scraps aside for a pair of wings. perhaps the fog will lift this week's end and i will find myself stitching...

i enjoyed this today. it reminded me there are many kinds of darknesses.


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