Wednesday, April 10, 2013

creative chaos

"don't think.
thinking is the enemy of creativity.
it's self-conscious,
and anything self-conscious is lousy.
you can't try to do things.
you simply must do things."
-ray bradbury

i ought to find something in this drawer that'll work...

it's been snowing these past couple days and night. snowing and bitter cold. well, bitter cold by spring's standards at any rate.

in keeping with the bradbury quote above (which, by the way, hangs prominently in my studio), i've been reaching past the threads and bits of cloth. ignoring thoughts. forgetting thinking. fingers grasping wires and solder and wood. can't help it. that cigar box guitar bug has bitten my butt hard!

almost finished with the first rendition....



  1. My thoughts exactly!
    Perhaps you could do some stitching for/on your new guitar?

    1. maybe a slow cloth gig bag? or a guitar strap made from the waist band of an old pair of jeans?