Sunday, May 12, 2013

silent sunday - 05/12/2013


  1. just a little backstory here. dad found this little handmade doubled two string folk guitar at a local gun show and picked it up for me knowing how much i'd love it. and i absolutely do!

    i don't know anything about it (neither did the guy he bought it from) but the closest i've been able to find is that it appears to be modelled after a chinese guitar (at least, that is the only other instrument i've been able to find using that sort of raised wood fret and tuning pegs, although on this one, the friction tuning pegs are decorative and one is missing. they used mechanical tuners for the actual ones).

    i've tuned it up to DA tuning and it has a wonderful twangy sound! the body is hand carved from a single piece of lumber (rather like a spoon) and then the sound board is inset back in. i'm not sure what kind of would it is, though the frets and the bridge and nut look to be of padouk. i'll have to replace the missing fret and then see what kinds of songs i can coax out of it and post them here later.

  2. It's beautiful, Joe...I'm glad you told us the story...Looking forward to the sounds...