Wednesday, May 15, 2013

artist highlight: paperdashery

"the artist
is a receptacle for emotions
that come from all over the place:
from the sky,
from the earth,
from a scrap of paper..."
-pablo picasso

paperdashery: (n) the artful design, creation and selection of fine paper and paper arts.  the woman behind paperdashery is my own mother, julieann madl!  a very talented artist, my mom manifests the most amazing mixed media pieces ranging from dolls to hand bound art books and display pieces.

this santos cage doll is a work in progress but is already a beautiful expression of mom's creative vision.

this gypsy caravan has so many details i couldn't even begin to show them with my simple camera!

each side (front, back and both sides) have a myriad of marvelous little curiosities to explore from a winged pig, ghostly american gothic painting, lamps that actually work, and even a full sized art album concealed in the base of the wagon!

a host of hand bound books exhibiting a wide range of binding skills lean here and there throughout her studio...

books whose binding techniques challenge even the most creative bookbinder... with pages that have tags and note sheets tucked everywhere, upon which to record your most secret desires or creative ideas...

books of various themes and styles are everywhere!

even flip books filled with imaginative pages for photos and memories of every kind...

 not to mention all the mind-boggling display "boxes" (for lack of a better term) harboring still more books and albums!

mom doesn't have a blog (though i've been trying to drag her kicking and screaming into the 21st century!) but i did just buy her a brand new digital camera, so maybe we'll start to see more from her soon enough!



  1. Ahhh Joe, your Mom is very talented indeed ! And everything is beautifully displayed ....
    So that's where your talent is also coming from ;-) !

    1. i'm very lucky to have extremely talented parents!

  2. oh magnificent. i see there is a family creative gene.continue encouraging her to blog. i would be a follower.

  3. i'm thinking the apple don't fall far from the tree. such making!

  4. "WoW!" she said, jaw dropping to the floor! It must have been amazing and fun to grow up around such talent!

    1. ha! with a talented magician for a father and a mother with a wide artistic range, there was always plenty of jaw dropping going on in our home...

  5. Love all the books! A beautiful studio indeed.

  6. love all those marvelous books!

  7. well now we know from whom you get your talent!!

  8. Apples don't fall far from trees.

  9. oh yes, please, MUCH more~!!~


  10. I love it! I stumbled upon your site searching for something else, and find a beautiful Santos creation! I've been hoping to find a steampunk creation for a long time. I'd love to post the pictures on our blog at Eleanor Brown Boutique!