Thursday, May 9, 2013

on the road again...

"what's this? blueberries!!
oh, oh my god!
oh, that's better than sex!"
-stewie griffin

there is nothing quite like fresh blueberries in the morning! these little babies found their way into a lovely smoothie, along with a banana, some homemade peanut butter and protein powder. yum!

still fighting what seems to have become an endless parade of colds (or one mega-monster of one) so haven't felt up to needle chanting...or much of anything lately besides sleeping in between shifts. 

i'm headed over to mom and dad's for a week and a half. got the saint, some scraps and some more of these blueberries to munch on along the way. perhaps this will be just what the doctor ordered to eradicate this nasty cold!



  1. Sounds like you might be eating scraps and the saint along with the blueberries, ha! Hope you get rid of that cold fast. A good time away is probably a great way to shake it out! Safe travels.

  2. Have a safe trip. Maybe the change and a bit of mother love will chase that cold away.