Friday, July 12, 2013

somewhere in the darkness

"time changes everything
except something within us
which is always surprised
by change."
-thomas hardy

time has been sitting on my mind of late like a bear on a stack of salmon bones. perhaps because i have had more of it (whatever that means) these past few weeks. perceptions begin to shift whenever routines change. the greater the change, the broader the shift. you begin to look at people and situations differently. realizations that once flickered like a tiny candle in a deep, dark room become a brilliant blaze which illuminate seemingly every corner. of course, at first the eyes must adjust to this new found clarity before the brain can begin to comprehend what is being seen.  in times such as these, it is good to fall back on something known.

i pulled this cloth out this morning and found myself stitching color again. bright, festive colors on cool, impersonal white. life dancing in all its brilliance across the blank face its absence. there is something liberating about this. perhaps there will be more of it in the coming days. this brilliant dancing of life. color. music. celebrational activities. perhaps a lot more...



  1. looks like a great party I love the colors and the nice stitches

    1. dia de los muertos always seems to be about color, to me

  2. Hey Joe! love your colours, it's mid winter here in the Land Down Under and they are warming my soul.

    1. i would love some of that midwinter cold right about now!