Monday, July 8, 2013

the heat is on...

it's amazing what you can get a cow to do for an ice cube on a hot day like today! the weather has been surreal here lately under the big sky. raging thunder storms one minute and burning sun the next! now that that i've cut my hours at work down to a normal 40 hours a week, i thought i'd be getting all kinds of projects done...but mostly it's too hot to do much of anything. or too wet to get outside!

even though i feel like i haven't managed to get much done, i have been working a few more of those random neutral and rusted backgrounds, still with no particular vision in mind for them. though, a few of them have begun whispering ever so faintly about their own dreams...

between the odd stitching and stolen moments in the woodshop re-envisioning an old 1880's coffin-style violin case into something that creates music rather than just holding it, i've been trying to catch up on household chores that have been neglected for far too long because of work. nothing too exciting...though, i must say, it is lovely not to have enough cobwebs hanging around to decorate a haunted house or two!



  1. Sort of the same here... haven't been bribing any cows or anything, but I have been sweating in the humidity and dodging thunderstorms. Hot and humid - my least favorite weather :(

    Happy rusting!

    1. ha! bribing cows is fun! and they enjoy it much better than being tipped!

  2. I guess I never give cows a thought when it comes to the heat ... no wonder that cutie performed for an ice-cube !
    Wet, rainy, wetter, storming, so humid that my glasses fogged up coming out of my air-conditioned truck, raining once more ... makes me long for a cold winter's day ! Seems none of North America is escaping Mother Nature this year !
    ... and, ya, needlework is hard to get down to.

    1. maybe i should try to focus on smaller fragments. ones that are less likely to overheat with their weight?