Monday, November 25, 2013

clarity in chaos

a clean workbench. a steaming cup of roobios chai with almond milk and honey. a bit of sunlight. and a fresh start. perhaps wiping the slate clean was just what was needed? a little corner of clarity amidst the chaos from which to refocus. regroup. renew.

from this vantage, i begin to see my way clear. needle and thread have begun to click and flow. a quiet silence fills the room. and color blooms in cloth again... emerge in mind and in hand. i am eager to rejoin the creative stream and reconnect.



  1. you do not even have to write any words your photos speak for you. thanks

  2. hi Joe, what comforts - light, tea and the meditation of sewing (I almost typed "medication of sewing" - maybe that's a better meaning!