Monday, December 23, 2013

idle moments

i just found this lovely oak appalachian dulcimer stand on ebay (oh what wonders can be found on ebay!). now i have two treasures to wait upon. i've seen a few versions of stands meant to be used to hold your dulcimer while you play instead of having it slide around on your lap. mostly, i use a small table when i have slippery pants on since i don't like the heat of using the traditional chamois. this little gem is fully adjustable in height and slender, yet stable, enough to rest between your legs so will make it an ideal companion to support my favorite dulcimers while playing!

until it arrives, i will just kick back and rest a while. perhaps even stitch? i'm done with the holiday gift quilt and am cutting back on shifts at work for a while. it's time to take some joe time for a change....

meanwhile, outside it is snowing. again. we got almost 8 inches over the weekend and are getting a few more even now...



  1. Wow Joe that looks like a lot of snow!! Enjoy your Joe time :)

  2. Enjoy your "joe time"!!! I think you need a lot more of that, plus some stitch, and some music. Happy New Year!

  3. hi Joe, when i get around to it i'll get some photos of a couple of quilts we have. One was a wedding present from my mum. It was made very early 20th century by a lady from Devon, i think. She was a royal seamstress (coincidentally so was my great grandmother - which is why my mum bought it). The other was made by a friends mum for our little boy Emmett this year.

  4. hey Joe (to quote a master) hope all is well with you and that you're having some positive down time with good needle chanting and mellow music