Friday, March 4, 2016

poking around

"some people have told
me that i'm grumpy; 
it's not something 
that i'm aware of.
it's not like i walk around
poking children 
in the eye...
not very small ones, anyway."
- dylan moran

i've been away from creating anything (pole barns and home remodels notwithstanding) that it would appear that my general demeanor is being affected.  in an effort to move back toward a more affable nature, i began poking around in the old steamer trunks and rustic cabinets that i stored away the more the "traditional" quilting projects i had once planned oh so many years ago when i used to manage a local quilt shop.  enough proverbial water has flowed beneath that bridge that i think i can approach them once again without the negative energies the woman who owned the shop instilled my my quilting experience.  oh! what treasures i found!  some i'm not even certain what my intentions were back then, so they will have to be reworked into something new.  but this! this little packet of oriental fabrics was tied up with string and contained the book from whence came my abandoned plan!

i began first cutting strips.  then triangles. then sewing hexagrams. well, half hexagrams. the two halves will be sewn into rows and then together to avoid awkward seams.  above are a few of the fun little kaleidoscope blocks that have emerged. down in the lower left corner is a stack of 18 more.  out of the frame is a stack of enough triangles grouped together to form 3 times this many hexies.  once they have joined this bunch, it will be off to play on the design wall!

i can hardly wait to see how this turns out!  it feels good to be excited by something creative once again...



  1. I'm not a quilter but I love these.

    1. that's okay, penny, i'm only a quilter occasionally. ha!

  2. Oh Joe, you make that sound so simple - you just "began cutting strips, then triangles". No mention of the wonderful creative fussy cutting to make sure all those little triangles would have the same bit of pattern in each, the right way round, so that they form those lovely kaleidoscope patterns. Whoever the woman with negative energies was, she didn't appreciate your talent!! Beautiful - can't wait to see what you do with them, and glad your creativity is flowing again. Mind you, home remodeling is pretty creative, just on a bigger scale and with more mess!

    1. it seems simple enough, in any case, kat. ha! the process of strip/triangle cutting seems to take care of itself...or maybe i'm working within a dream and somewhere there is a me...or several me's...that is/are slaving away to make it seem so simple in here and now. ha!

  3. Joe...I love this start of a project/design...some good energy has gone into the process...sometimes a step back really allows the light to shine on our creative/fiber worker self....and it seems like you are ready to dive in and embrace once again that part of you. So great to see your post this morning....and I look forward to seeing more energy coming through your work with cloth and reading about your other interests, especially the musical instruments.

    1. thank you, kristin. here's to a strong flow! i need to get back to updating my dulcimer log, as much to do!