Friday, April 8, 2016

moon dance

"there are nights
when the wolves 
are silent
and only the
moon howls."
-george carlin

on nights such 
as these, 
the rabbits dance.

it has been a strange and tumultuous year here at manhandled threads.  struggles with depression, physical injury, emotional trauma.  one does not like to think on things such as these.  but to live fully in the moment, one cannot run away from them.  i used to think they were things that had to be endured. i have learned, rather, that they must be embraced. otherwise, one can never make peace with the disturbance.

i have recently been laid off, due to lack of work. the lay off is with "job attached"...which apparently means there is a promise of re-employment when things pick up.  it makes the insurance issues a lot simpler. it also affords me more time to look for something more rewarding for work. as well as it allows me more time to pursue my creative endeavours. hence my digging through long neglected trunks and baskets of late, revitalizing old cloths.  

in the spirit of spring, perhaps, i seem to be drawn to rabbits once again.  if you follow my instagram, you've no doubt been seeing them hop by more often.  this small cloth, moon dance, is one i started a couple years ago and then lost touch with.  it seems fitting to re-emerge now, in a time when i am seeking to fly once more...



  1. Ahhhh yes Joe, "life" sometimes (often) gives us a lot to think about and endure ... We learn, every day again ....
    and true : "embrace" (how hard that is from time to time) is necessary to embed these things in our life, learn from them and ... move on ! ;-)

    Hope things will work out with the work again ... though : having free time on your hands is GOOD ! Enjoy stitching again, it will be fun for us to watch and see things grow.
    Keep safe Joe.

    1. thank you, els. yes, the free time has been a boon. having a job attached to the lay off has helped immensely, as well. so no worries there. making good use of the free time...and enjoying a little needle chanting from time to time again!

  2. Thanks for this insightful, centered post, Joe. Those challenging events all present something that can be of benefit to our journey - and your words make it clear that you are coming through the year of challenges with a spirit of exploration and creativity...and to read that you are once again visiting time with cloth brings a big smile for me. I love the things that come from your time working with cloth! and the instruments you make and play. A great blog that shines a nice light for me when I read it.

    1. that big smile brings one to me as well! thank you. it feels good to move forward. even better to know my experiences and art is able to touch others...

  3. Depression is insidious and of course invisible, so often not seen and therefore frequently not taken seriously by others.
    Being laid off, like any change can be so blummin disorientating so hope the rabbits have popped in for emotional company whilst you find the next path to follow.