Thursday, April 14, 2016

slowly moving forward

:"it matters not
how slowly you go 
as long as you
do not stop."

for an artist working in slow cloth, growing ever slower can be a trial.  though the scar has healed, the hand is taking longer.  months of disuse due to pain and numbness followed by months of restraint in a brace after surgery has left my hand weak.  overcompensation for this in my other hand has raised its own issues as well.  months of physical therapy is beginning to reveal progress, but i still must be cautious.  it reminds me of when i first began to learn to meditate. so many  thoughts and ideas jumping around like unruly monkeys making it difficult to simply be for more than a moment or two.  only now it is the ache and stiffness that slows. foretells tiny electrical shocks and numbness.  i can only manage needle chanting in small bursts. and so i burst and rest. burst and rest.  ever moving forward...

there is joy in these small steps. an opportunity to observe and marvel at the detail and the process. a detachment from the urging thought that one must simply get it done.  there is no room for pressing completion.  only for being with the cloth and stitch.  only for relaxing into the process.  it is quite liberating, really.

funny.  one does not normally think of rabbits and slowness as being harmonious.



  1. stitches, whatever the speed, create texture, line and ever so much deliciousness on cloth. It is grand that there is now some stitching...a long healing journey has once again put your work before the eyes of your readers and that is our good fortune. I delight in how you put the words together to describe your processes and today was an especially grand word story for me.. thank you Joe

  2. You have it exactly right. Stitching slowly is very powerful.